Monday, July 4, 2011

[] All About Coral~~~[]

Hey All~~~~~~~~~~
How's every one's weekend?? It was beautiful weather in Sydney, and really wished it was summer so I can hit the beach, instead it's in middle of winter.. so cold......... But the trend of summer now in Northern Hem is coral....... hence the title... ^^

I just wish summer could get there faster............ I love coral colours. being an Asian, having yellow toned skin, corals suits me better than pinks. I find that it's harder to pull of a bubblegum pink lipstick or a dolly pink blush. But as for Coral colours, straight away lifts the face, and make me look brighter. I stopped buying dolly pink things........... It looks so nice swatched on hand, but when I apply it on my face.. just doesn't work how I wished it did.

Giving a few examples of pink items that are hard for me:
- Mac Angel Lipstick
- Mac Please me Lipstick
- Mac Pink swoon blush
- Nars Angelika blush
- Maybelline pink please lipstick

So that being said, I picked out a few favourite coral coloured items which is great for summer, or any time of the year when you feel a bit coraly........

I start off with Lipsticks:
- Bobbi Brown lipcolor in Salmon
- Bobbi Brown rich lipcolor in Soft Coral
- Revlon colorburst in Peach
- Barry M lip paint 147 peachy pink

This is what they look like under natural indoor lighting.
Then onto the blushes:
Bronzer in summer is always great to give you that healthy glow........ but blushes can add a bit more of a colour to your face.
- Mac MSF in Stereo Rose ( got this some time last year) so bad that it's limited edition.
- Mac cream blush in Lilicent. (going to be discontinued, there will be similar colour coming out with new formula)
- Nars Luster
There are other great coral coloured blushes out there. you don't have to go and rush out pay so much for mac's products of Nars..

So here are some swatches for you.
Top(L to R):
- Salmon lip color
- Soft Coral rich lip color
- Peach
- Barry M 147 peachy pink

Bottom (L to R):
- Mac stereo rose
- Mac lilicent
- Nars Luster

My favourite lip color have to be Soft Coral.......... just a pretty colour without being neon like the Barry M 147, peach is a similar colour but slightly pinker.. some times I apply soft coral directly to the lips and then blot with a tissue paper to give that natural lip with hint of coral..
Second favourite is Salmon....... a more nude coral but still pretty.............

My favourite coral blush probably Nars Luster, not really truely a coral but an apricot with gold shimmers. I add a bit more of a pink on top some times. so it doesn't seem so orange.

Some times Orange toned blush can look gorgeous, but I really dont know how to pull it off............

That's all for today.. Have a great week... HATE MONDAYS!!!~