Thursday, July 16, 2009

[][]I'M BACK [][] HauL & FOTD~~~

Hey guys ~~~:::
I'm so sorry for not updating for SOOO LONG><>
so can't really taken photos and my phone camera sucks bad, I didn't want to put blurry pictures there's not much of a point.
I haven't got a proper camera yet, this is my New Phone Camera. I got my self a new TOUCH SCREEN Samsung F480, to be honest I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to use it. haha so not use to touch screen.
The camera is actually ok wise. gives reasonable photos.

SO I start with FOTD here:~
This is actually from Yesterday..
I CUT my hair and Dye it a lighter colour, if you can tell LOL
A Close Up:

Things I used:
- Dr jart silver label bb cream
- MAC MSF natural in Light/Medium
- Mac Mineralised blush in Gentle
- Mac Fluidline in black track
- FairDrop Mascara
- nothing LOL

So Now the Haul, I bought quite a bit of things and was testing them out. So here's what i got.
But I haven't test out all of them, just some of them.
Left To Right:
- Prima-Vista clear cover makeup base
- Etude house Precious Mineral BB cream #1(sheer silky skin -for combo/oily skin)
- Etude house BB Magic cream
- Missha glow rouge lipstick

Left To Right:
- Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara in Limited Edition
- FairyDrop Mascara (original)
- Majorlica Majorca Face Powder (new)

I love this packaging, both have cute packaging, similar size tubes.

Here's the brush for both of them. The Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara is for more length, it gives you seriously long lashes like falsies, and FairDrop Mascara gives you that volume, makes ur lashes look fuller.
here's the back of the packaging for Etude house precious mineral bb cream. (click image to enlarge)

the back of packaging for Etude house bb magic cream. (click image to enlarge)

I have an explaination for this picture... ~~~ HAHAHA
I was working in a fashion store partime, and there was a pot plant there with white pebbles in them. I was SOOO bored so I started drawing on them. It turned out quite funny, I think I was on too much coffee. LOL.
I will keep posting from now on.~~~ So stay tuned for more posts.
Take cares and enjoy your day where ever you are.


梅子 said...

that is suuuuuch cute picture of the rocks!!@!@ hehehehe
omg look at all of those bb cream! amazing. i love the packaging for all of them its wicked cute!!!! the hair is nice!!!! i dunno what to do with mine i want to cut it!!! hehe.


Yumi said...

Let us know how the Etude House BB Cream works! :D

kalai said...

Great haul~ O__O Limited ed fiberwig looks so cute!! + I've always wanted to try etude house bb creams.. would love to see you review them^^

I love your hair btw.. it looks so healthy and thick~__~


innerchild said...

Omg, welcome back! I miss your posts. I hope you get your camera fixed, did you found out what was wrong with it? Your camera phone takes good pictures. You look so cute. Nice haul. I can't wait to see more updates from you.

Purple Strawberry ♥ said...

Welcome back! Your new phone camera takes pretty good pics! Nice hauls, can't wait to see the reviews =P

Emily said...

thanks for the haul <3 bb creams :] and hey love ur rocks ....i thought u collected rocks (like what i did when i was younger ...x_x idk why i did it but yeah im weird ) but yah, its okay we sumtimes do crazy weird stuff when were bored :D the rocks r really cute >_<

Yumi said...

Btw, where did you get your Etude products? :D

Zoe said...

You look so cute with ur new hair^^
I love ur mascaras and I have never heard of the fairydrop mascara, it looks so pretty*

Askmewhats said...

welcome back! yes i can see the color of your hair and it looks great! :)

you hauled quite a lot over the past few weeks :)

The stones are too cute, I think you made it lively :D

Edna said...

Welcome back :)

Nice haul! I hear a lot of good reviews on the fiberwig mascara!

And the rocks are so cute! They have different personalities :)

xisa said...

Can't wait to hear your review on Etude House bb cream. I want to hear how it fares against Dr Jart ^o^

rottenotter said...

heyy where did you buy your Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara and FairyDrop Mascara from