Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update[][]~~~

Hey Hey:~~~
how's every one's weekend?been good?? had fun? went out enjoy the sun?? I'm freezing to death here T___T.. so cold ( and they tell me it's global warming><)
So here's FOTD for Saturday attending a friend's birthday party.. We went to an Italian Resturant.. YUMMY..

The photo is a bit blurry guess my phone camera is not good enough ><>
Things I used for FOTD:
- Dr Jart Silver Label BB cream
- Mac MSF Natural in Light/Medium
- Nars Laguna Bronzer for Contour
- Mac Mineralized Blush in Gentle
- Majorlica Majorca BR 751 pallete
- Mac Fluidline in blacktrack
- Mac bare study paint pot
- FairyDrop Mascara
- Mac Brow Set in Beguile
- Mac Lipstick in Angel
I did my brows, because a make up artist at MAC used that brow set on me and I LOVE IT, so I bought it and use it ever since.
I took some pictures of the food at the resturant , it's blurry ><

Salmon Steak with Mashed Potato

Stuffed Chicken Breast with cream sauce

After dinner we went to Max Brenner for dessert LOL
Marshmallow and strawberries dipped in Chocolate and Caramel Sauce. Fattening, but DAMN it's worth it haha..


Zoe said...

wow...u look so pretty with that make up and the food looks so good^^

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

food pornnnn everything looks yummy! ^^

pretty fotd! looks cold there...!

eki said...

ohh the food *drools* yummy dessert looks so good~ :D
your FOTD is so kawaii~ X3

kalai said...

you look pretty there^^ i really like your eyebrows. they look so neat and well shaped~ i think ill have a look at the brow set next time i visit mac^^

and the food looks gooood.. chocolate fondue~___~ yum
haha~ the pic on the napkin looks bit out of place though..


Askmewhats said...

pretty girl photo plus food porn! :D what a great way to start my week! have a wonderful week girl!

miemiemie said...

yay! welcome back with the entries! haha been updating a bit too.. hahaha foood looooks goooodddd i'm hunnnngry now

VanillaBum said...

Ah ~ I love this look. ^__^ && the food looks scrumptiousss

Purple Strawberry ♥ said...

wow it looks really cold there with you in a scarf and all. But you look very cute with it even though it's so cold!

cerinebabyy; yiyi said...

the foooood looks so yummy
and your skin is amazingg

Anonymous said...

nice fotd!
what restaurant did u go to? looks so yummy!

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