Monday, June 2, 2008

Everyday Minerals Brush

I love everyday minerals (EDM), so i got some of their brushes which i would like to give a review on.

From left to right:

foundation brush, eye shadow brush, concealer brush, flat head buffing brush, long handle kabuki brush.

Foundation Brush

I use that to apply my primer. I usually use EDM silk dust or finishing dust. Though i like finishing dust better because it helps to control oil during the day and your foundation would last longer. That brush is not from EDM, but it's very soft never scratches and applys a decent amount of powder

Eye Shadow Brush

I normally use baby bath all over the lid for every day look because it's not too over the top and helps to brighten my eyes. i love oasis too, but the glitter is a bit too shimmery for day time look. the eye shadow brush is so good, it has its multipurposes. you can use it to patt on the EDM eye shadows, sweep it on, dabb it on, and very good for blending also. the bristles are not too hard not too soft just the right amount for the multi purposes.

Concealer Brush

I use the concealer brush to apply my EDM concealers around my nose and under the eyes. I normally use mint concealer around my nose and on my blemishes and then neutralise it with my multi-tasking concealer to make it look more like my skin colour. The brush is ok wise, not as good as other concealer brush i have used. but it still does its job.

Flat Head Buffing Brush

This brush is ultra soft. Doesn't scratch at all. It is used generally for a heavier coverage. But don't put too much mineral make up on the lid because this brush picks up every thing and may give a cakey look. if you have dry spots, it's definately not the way to go. but this brush helps to do ur mineral makeup in large areas so if your in a hurry then it gets the job done fast.

Long Handled Kabuki Brush

This brush is similar to the flat head buffing brush, same softness and doesn't scratch at all. The only difference is that this brush is round and doesn't pick up as much of the powder in just one spot and allows a natural look for skin. ( may be that's just me) alot of people like this one in particular.

If you are not sure which one to get you can try makeupalley and under the brand everyday minerals they have the review for the two brushes. Which is really helpful.


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