Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Masks & Guitar []

Hey all
it's been a long time... hehehe just updating with some stuff.

I have been trying out the My beauty diary masks... The different types.

I tried 5 of them.. and I know there are alot of fake ones out there.. but I got a friend to bring it for me from over seas. but sells them as well
- mix berry and yoghurt
- black pearl mask
- lavender mask
- Q10 mask
- while pearl mask

This is the back of them. I heard you can buy then in the 7/elevens in taiwan and other beauty shops and it's quite cheap there as well. These comes in a packet of two and they also have the packet of 10.

Out of these ones they have difference purpose for different types. But for me I will rank them from the favourite to the least favourite ones.
1. mix berry & yoghurt (after I used this one, my skin is so soft and moisturised and radiant.)

2. Q10 every one knows what Q10 does right?? promotes collogen production so tightens skin and boost skin renewal)

3. Lavender (helps sooth and clear skin from trouble, smells really nice but I don't see any difference after use.)

4. Both of the pearl masks (it says to help with whitening, so use it after sun exposure and wanting to have a whiter radiant skin, but I didn't feel much difference )

Also, I picked up guitar a couple months ago. Been practising and just doing some self learning not really taking lessons. My dad bought me this guitar.. I really like it.. it sounds really good... (steel stringed) I don't really like the sound of nylon strings...

A closer look.

Hope every one is having a great week.


aretha said...

hey girl! miss your posts. blog more often yea? ^_^ by the way my fav is the aloe vera, bulgarian white rose and the white pearl masks! actually i find that all of them are really good.

Senita said...

I really like the apple and the blackpearl masks! Aah I also prefer the steel tringed guitar. How is practising going? My self learning isn't going that well....

Ushishi said...

congratz on picking up a guitar, i got one a few months ago aswell but i am taking weekly lessons and it's going great. I think it's possible to learn on your own but you need to practice everyday and really have proper materials like sheet music and chord charts and songs and such. With lessons though i am getting alot further than self learning(i tried my first time with a guitar like a year ago and failed) The important thing is to learn chords, don't waste time with "tabs" =P

Askmewhats said...

your new guitar looks gorgeous! I had mine sold! I haven't been playing for too long and I don't think I know how to play anymore :D

Anonymous said...

Miss your blog! :)