Wednesday, March 5, 2008



Jurlique is an all natural, herbal based product range. It's not some miracle products like people think. I personally think it's more of a long term effect products just like sunscreen. helps to protect and maintain your skin that's why some people won't be seeing instant result but you can tell there is a difference of your skin after a week of using Jurlique products. I have personally used 4 prodcuts from Jurlique and compare to The Body Shop i think Jurlique is more natural in terms of ingredits.

Herbal Recovery Gel
Rebalance Oiliness, Dryness & Maintain Balance
A Potent restorative botanical concentrate, infused with a rich blend of herbs and precious plant oils to restore, film, hydrate and help renew skin vitality.

I use it like a toner at night because I find it not moisturising enough for my skin (normal combination) so I need to put on extra layer of moisturiser. It's texture is like a watery kind of gel which gets absorbed quickly into the skin and leaves no weird residues. I think dry skin type people will find it not moisturising enough but this gel helps restore your skin from everyday's damage from the sun, pollution and etc. I guess the long term effect would be slowing down the aging process and give ur skin the natural treatment rather than slapping on those harmful chemicals.

Rose Water Balanacing Mist
Maintain Balance
A hydrating mist, rich in living energy of rose and marshmallow to restore, tone and hydrate.

I love this mist, it smells wonderful and feels so refreshed. It gets absorbed into the skin really fast and you could feel the difference straight away. I was using acne treatment system which dried out my skin so i decided to give that a go; and I couldn't believe the result. my skin feel supple again instead of flaky and dry and rough. Some people use it as a refresher or hydrater on the Plane, I guess it would work because it gave me instant result. love it. couldn't ask for more.

Balancing Day Care Cream
Maintain Balance
A light, absorbing moisturising cream infused with the living energy of daisy, chammomile and rose and precious plant oils to hydrate and minimise the visible signs of aging.

I'm not too sure about the minimising the signs of aging bit. also I think the cream is a bit too oily for my normal combination skin. If I apply this to my entire face with in an hour or so, my face would go oily. I tried using it at night only, still find it too oily. so I now use it as an eye cream. LOVE it... it's so gentle for eyes, when i get up in the morning the skin around my eye area feels supple and no fine lines what so ever. I know people say early 20s don't get fine lines, wrinkles and things but I would rather prevent it than trying to get rid of it when my skin starts to wrinkle. Also another good item for eyes would be the Arnica Cream. if you have bruises, puffy, panda eyes, it's really good. my mum uses the Arnica Cream for her eye bag and the dark circles, you could see a difference in about a week. Of course she tried to catch up as much sleep as she could.

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