Saturday, March 15, 2008

Everyday Minerals eye shadow


so excited. just received my second order from everyday minerals i think i have an addiction to this ordering online thing. kept on looking at their site now and then. any ways; i received this order only 1 week and 4 days after i ordered it. pretty fast for international shipping.

I ordered eye shadows this time because i found my match of foundation. pretty lucky on the first try. Here's what i Ordered:

Custom Kits Mini Eyeshadow Kit
- Snowflakes
- Emerald Eyeliner
- Floating Feathers
- Dark Brown Brow Colour
- Cypress
- Dairy
- In the Garden
- Silver Spoon
- Thank you
- Baby Bath

I also ordered mint concealer and Email Me Blush. they are so pretty. haven't taken any pictures yet. But might upload later. can't wait for EDM to have their new site up and running with all the new products. I personally really like Snowflake & Dairy. The colour of Baby Bath is really good too; it's subtle but u can still see. and if you use it with Oasis. looks fabulous for brown eyes.

hehe experiment the different colours and see which you suits you the best. i'm still in the process of experimenting with all my new eye shadows.

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