Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[]Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin Rescue[]~~

Hey all ~~
I haven't been posting much last month is because I've been testing out alot of the new products. So my skin got really over whelmed, so I had to tone every thing down and go back to things that I know that works with my skin. Gentle yet works to keep my skin.

So What really happened to my skin. it got really sensitive, so red itchy patches. Dry patches and peeling yet had a lot of bumps/white heads on my forehead, cheeks and the chin. Occasionally I got like cystic acne, you know those deep and painful pimples that don't surface but have a big bump. all in all My skin was in the worst state ever. (CRY~~~)

So any ways, It's calming down now. the white heads are going away. So Just going to share a few tips and thoughts about products to help with sensitive skin and crazy skin occasions.

Products used:
- Cetaphil  Oily skin Cleanser 
 This is a semi foaming wash, is gentle on skin but also washes away oil and sebum. I use this in the morning just 1-2 pumps is enough and it doesn't strip the oil from my face entirely so it's not tight and dry feeling after.

- Sana Nameraka foaming wash
I use this cleanser at night because it foams really well and dissolves my foundation ( I'm currently using Clinique even better foundation - Oil Free) So this takes off my make up and washes away the daily dirt oil and what not. I've been using this for quite a while. so it is a stable item for me.

- Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion
This lotion is great, because it contains aloe vera, millet plant extract, biosaccharide gum (type of sugar) and it contains 0.5% salicylic acid. The amount of salicylic acid in this lotion is not too harsh for my skin because I developed quite alot of white heads due to improper exfoliating and using products that's too rich for my skin. So I need a mild exfoliant (not a harsh one that's like sand paper). This lotion helps to remove dead skin cells and salicylic acid works deep down my pore so I stop getting more and more blocked pores.

- The Body shop Aloe Vera Calming toner
I don't use as a toner, but as a mask. So I get those cotton sheets and soak it up with this, and then leave it on my face for 5-10 minutes before going to bed. It calms my skin right down no allergic reactions. It has no fragrance, all natural ingredients so the skin doesn't get all freaked out again. adds a bit of extra moisture as well.

- Shiseido Senka Lotion (Light Version)
This is formulated with hylauranic acid and royal jelly, but it contains a bit of alcohol. so I normally put it on my palm and rub both hand together wait a bit then put on my face. so the alcohol evaporates. It's not oily, it doesn't contain oil so it doesn't make my white heads worse. It's a stable for me too I think I am on my fourth bottle of this. I really like keeps my face hydrated without feeling oily.

- Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water
This is a french brand of skincare line, certified Bio organics uses all natural ingredients no animal testing. Great Company. Love them. This is also formulated with hyaluronic acid but it also contains orange blossom and fig fruit extract. But only thing is it contains alcohol but the content of alcohol is not that much because it is quite down on the ingredient list. Love this product, it helps to calm and hydrate the skin. smells wonderful.... like that feeling of walking in a field of orange trees.~~~

That's all for my current skincare routine trying to get my skin back to normal.....
Hope to update more often.
take cares every one, have a great week.


Supergirl said...

It's such a great idea to use tones as a mask! Thanks for sharing that!:)

Kuma-chan said...

I have last time this same problem but I started deep clean my skin so it's reason. My skin is oily but sensitive so this post will help me with choose cosmetic :D Thanks~~