Thursday, March 15, 2012

[] Bare Mineral Foundation/ Before & After + thoughts[]~~

 Hey all~~
 Just wanted to do a further review of the Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Medium Beige, showing before and after pictures. So you can see how much coverage it does and what's the finish like.

 So the only two things you need is a kabuki brush of your choice. I use Everyday Minerals kabuki brush from may be 2-3 years ago and it is still good after many many washes. never sheds. and it's soft as baby's skin. I honestly don't like the Bare Minerals brushes. they are scratchy and doesn't apply foundation evenly. 

You could also use a flat top kabuki brush for a heavier coverage, but I find flat top a bit hard for an even distribution as it tend to pack alot product on the area when you first start to buff on your skin. So I personally like to use a dense kabuki brush.

 Okay... lets have look at my skin bare under natural sunlight with no photo shop. no flash no nothing. As you can see, lots of sun spots, freckles, uneven skin tone. large pores. acne scar. and even scars from the recent allergic reaction to God knows what~~~~

T___T cry............................................. but never the less......

So here is is completely with bare minerals foundation in Medium Beige.
It covers most of the unevenness of the skin tone. Covers may be about 50-60% of the acne scars. It does a great job with the pores too.  So for one layer of this product you can achieve about light to medium coverage depending on how much product you use and the pressure you use when you buff it in.

The finish is semi matte I would say, the mica in this does gives you a more dewy glow look. which is a good thing if you want to cover some of the imperfections. So for a natural finish, I quite like it. It is also VERY to apply, may be like less than 3 minutes I'm done with my foundation. the only thing is it is not a long lasting foundation. If I have a busy day running around with no time to touch up. then I might rethink which foundation I'm going to use. 

If I'm just going to some where for a short time, like Brunch with friends, Dinner with family or something I would prefer this. Plus it doesn't feel heavy, doesn't even feel like I'm wearing foundation. 

One other thing I didn't like about this is that I wear glasses, so some of the foundation slip and slide near the bridge of my nose. but beside that I like this. 

Try it out you might find you will like it too.

Take Cares ~~~


Pammy said...

I thought it was nice too when I first tried it a little less than a decade ago. I do remember liking it but I also remember how my skin itched and broke out with it. Too bad because I like how light it feels on the skin.

I can see the difference it made on your skin though what I think is nice is that it still allows your skin to "show" making it look natural. :)

J said...

It looks super natural on your skin! I'm tempted to try this out now. I have the same skin issues as you.