Monday, March 19, 2012

[] Current Skincare Items []~~~~

 Hey all
Just wanted to do an update skincare items that I am using now. I had a really bad allergic reaction recently and it took me AGEs to calm my skin down. and get rid of all the little little bumps . It was terrible. Until now there's still some pigmentation on my face. 

Any ways. So these items are the ONLY things that I use day and night, every day. no fancy multiple step of putting so many things on my face. seems to over supplement the skin and causing it not to know what to do any more. 

Skin Condition:
combination all year round - except for summer I become combination oily. So I don't need lot of moisturiser to keep my face hydrated.

The only two cleansers that are HG in my skincare routine is Origins Check and Balances, and the Sana Nameraka foaming cleanser. Both are foaming cleansers, they give you that squeaky clean feel. and I feel like it can remove more left over make up that I didn't get off from the make up remover. The make up remover that I'm using now is Bioderma's Micelle water for sensitive skin. Brilliant stuff.


Conventional method of skincare is to clean, tone, serum then moisturiser or some spot treatment, special treatment. But some times all these things can be too heavy for the skin to handle and also too rich for some type of skin like mine.

After some research,  Shiseido came out with a product I couldn't find the English name to these products but you can buy it from AdamBeauty. Click HERE

So this product is like a toner, but it replaces ALL of the other steps. So no need to tone your skin, no need to apply serum, no need extra moisturiser. This ONE product equals to many. The reason is because it contains moisturiser ingredients in a lotion texture so it is easily absorbed, and at the same time moisturises the face. It isn't expensive either about $15 USD.

It contains large amount of hyaluronic acid in two forms. one big size and a small size so both the surface of the skin and deep in the skin can be moisturised. It also contains Royal Jelly, which lets the skin heal and become supple over time. 

It contains NO fragrance, No colouring, not sticky and easily absorbed. But it does contain alcohol. I'm not sure what form of alcohol, I can smell a bit of it when I'm using it but It NEVER irritated my skin like Clinique's Clarafying lotions did. It never dried out my skin, never made it red, stingy, burning.

There's two types, the pink series is just normal for moisture purposes. the blue series is for whitening. SO It contains stable form of Vitamin C. So there's two types of Formulation too. So White Caps for both series are light/refreshing formula for combination/normal skin. The Pink cap in pink series/ Blue cap in blue (whitening) series  are the rich formula for dry to SUPER dry skin. 

Since I have combination skin I just use the white cap ones. So Far I've used two bottles of the blue whitening series. I don't really see any whitening effect, but the pigmentation from the allergic reaction is going away. so I think it is helping me in that section. 

After two bottles , couple months of using this product, it really helped my skin to calm down, feel supple when I wake up in the morning, never feel dry any where on my face. help to lighten up the pigmentation on my face. Doesn't cause pimples, no allergic reaction. HEAVEN SENT!!! It is so convenient too, when you travel you just need to bring one bottle. The bottle is made from plastic so it's not heavy either and It won't break if you drop it.

I Highly highly recommend this product, I've tried many many products out there that claims to be calming, purely organic and BLAH BLAH BLAH.. but this is the one. I'm not going to change it from my skincare routine unless I find something better, which I highly double.

This is SELLING like crazy in JAPAN.... I can see why it is so popular.

If you have questions about this product feel free to leave comment or email me.

Have a great week.


Mary in Wonder said...

A friend of mine asked me to buy something for her from Adambeauty, but I've been postponing it since I couldn't think of anything else to buy for myself too, but you just gave me a good tip! Thank you! =)

Askmewhats said...

I'm glad your skin is better now! I hate it when I misused a product and my skin goes crazy! Did't even know Sana makes skincare, I only know about their makeup :)

J said...

So tempted to try the Shiseido product! Sounds amazing!

38b73b16-59b5-11e0-9e2d-000bcdca4d7a said...

I have combination/oily too, but also dehydrated, do you know any light gel moisturizer? I don't think he shiseido toner is enough alone the sana foaming cleanser only come in one type right? What is your fav bb cream/ foundation? Been looking for one to control my oil!

Health and Beauty said...

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