Saturday, January 22, 2011

[] My First Red Lips Look[]

Hey all ~~~
I don't know what happened, but I'm on a RED LIP kick these days. Looking for a good shade of red for Asian skintone. and I found a picture of a blond girl in red lips and winged eyeliner. really inspired for some reason.

Looks really elegant...~`~So I tried to recreate the look but adding a few adjustments of my own.
Here are the items used for this look
- Estee Lauder Double wear light (intensity 1.0)
- Laura Mercier Mineral Powder (real sand)
- Rimmel 2-1 in Match Perfection Concealer
- Prescriptive cream concealer
- Nars Laguna bronzer
- Nars Deep Throat Blush
- Canmake brow gel in natural brown
- Too faced shadow insurance
- Shu Umuera eyeshadow (pearl finish)
- Mac Black Track Fluidliner
- Majolica Majorca mascara base (so hard to remove..)
- Kiss me Active girl mascara long and curl

- Revlon Colorburst (Raspberry)

So here's how it turned out. I tried to contour as much as possible. but It didn't show up in this lighting. May be during the day with natural lighting It would be better. I read alot of blogs and some of the tips are really useful.

Tip 1: don't have a heavy eye make up when your focus is on the red lips. stick to neutral colour eyeshadow and apply lightly.
Tip 2: concentrate on the eyeliner to bring out your eyes.
Tip 3: use concealer around the red lip to make it stand out even more.
Tip 4: Do not apply too much blush, concentrate on contouring to bring out the shading of your face.
Tip 5: To contrast with the red lip, flawless skin is required. So use full coverage foundation to cover up the spots.blemish and etc.
Tip 6: if you want to wear red lips, please wear mono toned clothes, ie black, white, grey, beige. It would be so odd to see a girl with red lip and a pink floral top.

So here's a look at the eyemake up.
I concentrated mainly on the eyeliner, winged out at the end to make it a bit more dramatic. champaigne /gold and soft brown eyeshadow is used here to give it a bit more glam. and mascara is a must to open up the eyes. but leave it as natural as possible. use false lashes if you have to. hehe
This is what it looks like, just a wash of gold champaign colour all over the lid and a shade of brown to contour the eyes. apply eyeliner on inner waterline and make it thick to stand out.

Try to highlight the points where it should be high lighted and contour the areas you think needs shading. So I tried to make it a full coverage look, but not too caked up. I concealed around my mouth and under eye area.
This is how it turned out. I didn't wear contacts today, so in order for me to see. hehehe.

Here's a picture of the full face, hair and a black singlet.
m.... I wonder if I have gone chubbier........ LOL ( my face seems to be a bit more round)

any ways... blog sale/reviews/more FOTD coming soon ^^

take cares..


EllysMakeupbag said...

You look like a doll, love the red lips!

Zoe said...

This is such a gorgeous look,love it^^.

Supergirl said...

Red looks really good on you!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Beautiful!! Your face is glowing from the red! :D

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

Gorgeous! You should wear red more often it looks good on you and your skin looks very glowy <3

Zwei said...

i look gorgeous-licious!! it's so not easy to work a red lippie without looking much older than your real age. but u look absolutely gorgeous! clicks *like*. =D

shortwidenails said...

I received the pallet yesterday!

thanks so much!

I haven't found a red that works with my asian skin yet =( I had very rosy red face + red lips = very odd

Caroline said...

Red lips really suit you!
Great tips :)

Anonymous said...

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