Friday, January 14, 2011

[]NARS Sheer Glow Foundation REVIEW[]

Hey all
I know I'm late with this, every one has gone through the hype of Nars Sheer Glow already, and has probably died down for all I know. LOL but I just got the chance to try the new foundation, well not so new now, consindering that Chanel just came out with Vitaluimere Aqua. I heard pretty good reviews about that one too as well as the Vitaluimere original one. But pricey as usual.
Any ways, back to NARS... NARS sheer glow came out last year with NARS sheer matte. alot of gurus on youtube and people have review it. you can just type the name in youtube and find bunch of reviews. This foundation comes in a WIDE range of shades to choose from. Though I think more yellow shades than pink ones or even neutral ones. I prefer Neutral shades. Because I don't really know if I'm yellow or pink. thought I think i'm more yellow/neutral ish.
I got matched to the shade in Fiji, in the store lighting it looked perfect, but when I went out side into the natural lighting I had a look. OMG it's darker than my neck and looked horribly orange/yellow. I went back to the store they are nice enough to swap for me even though I lost my receipt. So I got matched again the shade Deauville. Perfect match, not too yellow, orange, too light. matched my neck perfectly too.
For reference I am
- Mac studio Fix Fluid NC 20
- Revlon Color Stay Buff (Sand beige is a bit too dark)
- Dior Extreme Fit in 020 (perfect match)
- Prescriptive Virtue Matte in 03 Fresh Vellum
- Estee Lauder Double Wear ( 2N2 Fresco though a bit too dark for me)
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Light intensity 1.0

This is what the packaging and bottle looks like. Unfortunately, the price you pay for doesn't come with a pump. TOTALY RIDICULOUS!!! if you ask me. For all that money you pay for NARS get a pump and a proper LID!!! This rubbery lid annoys me, it stains your finger prints and things on it. gets dirty so easily.

here's the Ingredit List, you can click the image to enlarge it.

Under Natural Lighting, No Flash a sunny day, but Indoor Lighting.
This is what the foundation looks like poured out of the bottle. quick runny, but creamy.
This is the foundation a bit blended with Filled flash. It looks light here, but will blend out nicely.
This is the foundation blended out. I don't think this foundation is Sheer, It's Medium coverage though You can make it sheer depending on your application. I prefer applying with my fingers, not a brush. Also the foundation feels very creamy. Alot like my Coffret D'or Beauty Essence Foundation in Oc-C. Very similar finish too. Satin Finish with Medium Coverage, and Creamy. Might do a Comparison.

I tested the foundation under water and rubbed my hand. The foundation stays put. So if it rains and the water got on your face. you won't see streaks. But I wouldn't swim with it.

Lets put it to real test shall we?
Here's my bare face, I have combination to oily face. around the centre of my face I get oily but dry on the out side. You care see sun spots around the eye area, and large pores. and acne scars.
Photos Taken with Natural Indoor lighting, no flash NO photo shop no touch ups.

So Here it is with the foundation, just one layer of it. NO PRIMERS. NO powder. just let it dry. It covered up my pores and 70% of acne scars and pigmentations I would say. I quite like the finish, Natural enough to let your own skin show through a bit.

This is what it looks like a bit far away. You can still see my pores, but there's no sunscreen or primer. I usually use Estee Lauder Cyber White SPF 50 ++, or Smashbox Photo Finish Primer to fill up the pores to make it smoother.
SO the final picture is 2 layer. I think it starts to cake a bit with two layer. but full coverage.
Covers pretty much every thing I would say. But can definately tell that there's foundation/make up on your face. and Less of the true skin shines through.

Though I would say it does cling on to dry patches a bit. so Moisturise WELL before you apply this. Also if you have super dry skin or dry skin in winter, I would avoid using this. the way it dries is really powdery, that's why it shows the dry patches. but I would think it's good for normal/combination skin. May be oily skin need to blot more.
The lasting powder on me is about 5 hours, It is middle of summer here and pretty humid today. So I might give it another test and see how it goes.
This is an initial review only. Not a long time term one. So I don't know if it will break me out, if I will keep using it. If there's update, I will post again about this foundation
Take cares all..~ I'm off to bed.


EllysMakeupbag said...

Your skin looks amazing with that foundation!

LittoMokaa said...

It looks really good on you! hey do sell a pump too for this foundation! You can check it out on their website :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful review!! I loved the format and the details =]

Ahleessa said...

Long time no talk! :) You look cute as ever. Thanks for reviewing this foundation. It's definitely not for me since I have dry skin... hehe~

Ahleessa said...

Tobey is good. He's snoring away on bed right now... hehe~ How's Max? I still remember your big boy... hehe~

Happy New Year to you too! I missed chatting w/ you. I didn't know you still read my blog... hehe~ The last time I read your blog, you didn't post for a long time and then you stopped commenting. I just assumed you disappeared like a lot of the old bloggers. I'm glad I was wrong!... hehe~

Askmewhats said...

It is indeed sheer but your skin looks great :)
Re: Package, sorry hasn't arrive yet, you know how slow our POs can get :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I was recommended the "Fiji" shade. Had the same experience in that the shade appeared as though it matched my natural skin tone under the lights at the store..only to find out that the shade made me looked cakey and a lot more yellow than I actually am! I suspect it's more to do with my application technique as opposed to the product itself as I am sure it is a wonderful product and I heart Nars! Thanks for your review. Really appreciate it!
p/s another foundation that I enjoyed is the Chantecaille Future Skin foundation..didn't cause break outs which is a plus! =D

♥sormui♥ said...

Hey thx for the review!

i had the same problem with this foundation it pretty much points a red arrow to your dry patches ><!
I gave up on it I dont think its meant for dry skin and I didnt like the fact that it made me look like I had makeup on.

Anonymous said...

I also got color matched to Fiji but it was too dark and had an yellow/orange color to it,I looked like an Oompa Loompa. I don't think the women at the counter ever color match me correctly. My face is always darker than my neck or chest. I'm glad I didn't listen to the girl and bought the Deauville instead. I'm not sure why they keep pushing the fiji on people. My advice is that you color match yourself to your chest and go outside to look at it in the light or get samples if they have any.