Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[] Shiseido Anessa Sunscreen Review[]

Hey all
How is every one's New years?? Can't believe how fast 2010 went past. I just hope 2011 doesn't go as fast. Time seems to fly. That being said, I'm now 24 years old. and it's time to start really caring about the skin, prevention is always better than cure.

Sunscreen is a must for me for every day. Because sun damage can cause premature of skin, sun spots and worse skin cancer. Australia's sun is sooo STRONG.. it can do alot of damage in a small amount of time.

Before this sunscreen I had my Estee Lauder Cyber White UV protector SPF 50 PA++. (I love that one, can say it's my HG). Australia can't have sunscreen more than SPF30 due to regulations, So I got mine from overseas.

Today we are just going to review the Shiseido Anessa SPF 42 PA+++
So the SPF number is a number which tells you how much of UVB can be blocked out. UVB causes skin cancer so It is important to block that out. and PA +++ is a number which tells you how much UVA you block out. UVA causes skin maturing, causing fine lines and other damages. the more + the more it will block out.
This is package from behind, and it has all the instructions and details. you can click the image for a large view.
This is what it looks like when sqeezed out of hand. a creamy white paste cream texture. not too thick easy to spread.
This is a little bit spread out. ( you can see it's quite white) the picture is taken with flash
This is when it is all spread out. It does have a white cast when the picture is taken with flash. But I use it as a foundation primer. It controls oil pretty good, thought not as moisturising as my Estee Lauder one. This sunscreen is good for summer time. but if you have dry skin, may be should avoid it in Winter. I'm not sure about water resistance if you are going to swimming or something. But It is very gentle and suited for sensitive skin. I haven't got any blemishes or spots or red patches. No reaction.

I am pretty happy with this sunscreen/primer. I will recommend it to combination/oily skin people. dry to very dry skin may be should try the Estee Lauder one. more moisturising.

That's all for today.

Happy new years...

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